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The quintessential Southern Lady is refined, cultured, well mannered, witty and fun on the outside - while harboring an intense knowledge of sensuality and passion on the inside.  Mature Hottie Stephanie is all of those things, but with a twist: she's a mix of classic southern charm with big city flair.  It will not take suitors long to learn just how charming, intelligent, strong and sexy Steph is.  Be prepared to be challenged, as conversations aren't bound by social constraints. In Steph's world, life is be be enjoyed, not suffered.   

“When people say 'She's got everything', I've got one answer - I haven't had tomorrow"
― Elizabeth Taylor



StephCharlotteBlackGown 03_L.jpg

What a lovely way to experience your next corporate event or a show downtown!


Let's unwind after an evening on the town, and enjoy some quiet time - perhaps some wine, some great conversation and a whole bunch of laughs?

StephCharlotteWhite Bed 08_L.jpg

When is the last time you treated yourself to a weekend getaway? Spending it with someone who will enjoy your company and make it amazing?


I couldn't possibly ever spend an evening out with a more beautiful, sophisticated, funny and downright sexy woman than yourself.  Steph, you made my trip to Charlotte unforgettable.  Thank you, forever."

| JT - NYC |

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