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Get to Know Me

North Carolina's Quintessential Southern Lady

Are you passing through on business and need a break from the grind of meetings and conferences?  Or maybe you're local, and would like a more regularly scheduled tryst with that sexy lady next door?  Make me smile, and you'll be rewarded with a fun, flirty, bubbly personality that will help you escape, unwind, relax and enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. 

Hello Darling - I am Stephanie.  The Mature Hottie Steph of North Carolina.  As I mentioned in my introduction, my background is that of the true Southern Lady - respectful, cultured, demure, educated, fun and fiery.  All the things you want in a mature woman, and all the things you secretly want to enjoy.

You may find in the unwritten southern etiquette rulebook that we are to show our softer side and "nevah" let on how strong we really are.  Well, my dear, you'll relish in this well-mannered lady who isn't impressed with someone's status, but rather flourishes in the presence of a kind, respectful, upscale and educated gentleman.  Make no mistake, I notice when my Beau treats others with kindness.


I am a woman who carries herself with pride, grace and intelligence.  I will always be well manicured, well dressed and well accessorized.  You should know before meeting me: I have a sharp wit, love to laugh, enjoy challenging my friends with great conversations, and thoroughly enjoy entertaining people. 

.With Love & Kisses,



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