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Please take a moment to fill out the Reservation form below, and provide any additional information I discreetly request via email.  I respond to inquiries reasonably within 24 hours, although screening new clients may take a little longer if you are not a P411 member or TER member.  All correspondence is strictly confidential. However, no messages inquiring about lewd acts will be accepted, and any messages which are disrespectful will be ignored.  I value your time, privacy and discretion, and appreciate gentlemen who know how to be kind, respectful and, discreet!



NO last minute appointments will be accepted! Please allow advanced notice to book with me! :)

Screening is an absolute necessity, and it's for your safety as well as mine. I accept one of  the these options for screening, so please use the form and include one or more of these options:

1. References from at least one or two providers whom you have seen in the past six months; two are preferable. Please include their name, number/email and a link to their current ad or website.  I prefer references from independent ladies who are verifiable and friendly.

2. P411 membership with recent okays. Please send me an appointment request directly through P411’s website. If you are a TER member, please provide your handle on there also.

  3. In lieu of either of the previous two options, please provide your employment information.  A LinkedIn profile, your full name, company email address, and business phone number. You may either send me a non-descript email from your company servers, or a private message via LinkedIn to my private screening company.  All correspondence is secure and will be deleted afterwards.


Thank you!

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